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We'd be happy to provide you with the containers that you need at the price that you want. YBD will still operate in nearby Warren Ohio, just east of Youngstown proper; they've just got BASCO to back them up!

Plastic drums are containers used to store hazardous or non-hazardous liquid products. For a plastic drum to be able to contain some of these liquids, these drums must be made with materials made from the highest quality in the industry. Youngstown Barrel & Drum has all the plastic drums for sale that you need. We not only offer some of the best and highest quality plastic drums on the market but we also offer them at the most affordable and competitive prices that you will encounter. From tight head to open head plastic drums, we have exactly what you need. 

The wrong choice of steel storage drums supplier could result in such things as lost production due to slow or delinquent deliveries, damage to the product as a result of chemical incompatibility, and/or fines and penalties for non-compliance regarding hazardous materials regulations. Expertise, service, & competitive prices regarding the vast number of steel drums sizes (30, 55, 85, 110 gallons), uses, and related Hazardous Material Regulations is crucial when making a buying decision, and an essential component of a supplier/customer relationship.

The best steel drum supplier is a problem solver who can assist in the best choice of open and tight head steel drums, specific to the product being stored and/or transported. Contact us and we will make sure you get the right product. 

It is dangerous to transport a damaged or leaking container – the risk of contamination is high, especially if you’re transporting chemicals through public areas. Any leaks may cause health problems and damage to the environment. You need another container to hold the damaged one and keep hazardous materials from spilling. 

Ensuring safe transportation of damaged or leaking containers is important to avoid contamination and stay in compliance with safety regulations. Our steel salvage drums provide excellent protection against spills and leaks. Whether you’re shipping hazardous chemicals in small or large volumes, we have the right drum type and size for you.

We have a range of fiber drums for sale that will fulfill various packaging requirements, whether the use is for the chemical, pharmaceutical, glue, paint or food industry. Our fiber drums have been proven to be highly durable. We regularly test our drums to ensure they comply with UN regulations for the transport of goods that may be hazardous.

All fiber drums offered come with a wide range of inner coatings and linings those of which include polyester, aluminum and silicone. Our fibre drums are also available in several different sizes, as well as the choice of plastic, fiber or steel lids. Let us help you find the right fiber barrel for your specific needs.

We have a wide range of plastic buckets ranging from 0.6 gallon to 6.5 gallon. Our buckets are highly durable and made up of high density polyethylene (HDPE). The material used is a food grade material and are FDA approved, thereby making it an appropriate product even for food industries. Our buckets can withstand temperatures up to 180F thus making it a perfect solution for your storage and shipping needs. These buckets are stackable and it would save a lot of space in your warehouses. Our UN rated plastic buckets are suitable for shipping and storing hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

In order to make the best buying decision, you need a supplier who can be a problem solver by asking the right questions in order to determine the appropriate steel buckets and pails tailored to the specific need of the customer. Our dedicated customer service will start by analyzing the material being packaged and the manner in which it is to be stored and/or shipped and then provide you with the best option available.

Buy steel pails and buckets from an expert supplier who can not only provide the most sought after sizes and types, whether nestable or straight-sided, open head or closed head, according to the intended use of the steel pails and buckets but who can also provide additional options available for each type of container along with expert advice on DOT shipping regulations.

Few companies have the expert knowledge of not only emerging and the most efficient technology but also a current awareness of developing spill containment regulations and standards. When it comes to meeting SPCC, EPA Container Storage Regulations, and UFC Spill Containment Regulations, awareness is key.

The benefits for using spill decks and other secondary containment systems are vast as a result of many different models and available options that solve site-specific needs. Our expert customer service department that can help solve problems related to the need for secondary containment that will result in the safe handling of materials and reduce environmental risk.

When an oil spill occurs, fast or slow, large or small, what is the fastest and easiest solution in order to start removing or safeguarding against oil spreading further and causing damage that could potentially become catastrophic?

Time is of the essence; an oil spill must be cleaned up. How can this be achieved? The simple and economical solution is to make sure that Microbes and Booms that can hold microbes and float on water, are always on hand and can easily be put in place wherever it is needed. They can be also used to remove other hydrocarbons, as well as organic waste.

We are here to help you pick the right spill resonse product. 

You can still get all of the same great products.

Your favorite YBD products are still all there. Whether you’re partial to Eagle drums, IBC totes, reconditioned drums, poly pails or Ultra Tech spill protection, everything is just a phone call away. Plus, you’ll have access to even more products from BASCO’s wide range of available drums, IBCs, pails, accessories, and more!

Youngstown Barrel and Drum Products

Youngstown Barrel and Drum isn’t leaving Ohio, or even going far!

YBD will still operate in nearby Warren Ohio, just east of Youngstown proper.

Just a stone’s throw away from the previous location, YBD has upgraded into a bigger, more modern and efficient warehouse to bring you more quality products, easier-to-access loading bays for drop-off and pick-up, and a giant parking lot for easy in-and-out deliveries and pickups!

If you’re a local customer, you’re still always welcome to drop by and pick up your orders at our new place!

location 1777 Hallock Young Rd, Warren OH 44481

Call (877) 721-1264

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YBD’s great team is still here!

All of the same amazing people that you’re used to working with are still with us. You can be sure that you’ll still be working with the same sales team and warehouse folks, and all the added product selection and other resources of BASCO, too!

With over 75 years of experience in the container industry, BASCO is a big name in the container game.

With warehouse locations across the U.S., a massive selection of containers and accessories, and a best-in-the-business team of product and service experts, BASCO can better help you to get your work done easier and faster.

How will this affect the customer experience?

Of course, you can always call and talk to the same great people, you’ll also be able to place your orders online, right on the BASCO website! Whether it’s just one pail, or an entire truckload of drums, you’ve got access to BASCO’s entire catalog, along with the same great YBD items.

You’ll be able to place orders more easily, quickly get expert product knowledge and experience, and unsurpassed customer service, whenever you need it, all at BASCOUSA.com.