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  1. One-Piece IBC Containment Pallet with No Drain
  2. Containment & Dispensing Station For Two IBC Tanks
  3. IBC Containment & Dispensing Station
    IBC Containment & Dispensing Station
    $1,482.85 / each
  4. One-Piece IBC Containment Pallet with Drain

14 Items

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IBC Spill Containment

Store and contain any leaks, spills, or drips from your IBC container or IBC tote with our various styles:

Nestable, space saving, and forkliftable containment pallet with a drain that:

  • Universally fits more than 99% of all IBC containers or IBC totes
  • Has a pail holder for easy, convenient dispensing
  • Allows you to empty it without having to pump out the liquid from the top
  • Has removable grates for easy cleaning and sump access

All-steel IBC containment sump allows convenient placement of your large storage container for two-way forklift access. It’s also long life.

Easy loading, skid resistant one-piece IBC spill pallets with two-way forklift entry from front and back that are:

  • Nestable and forkliftable
  • Equipped with a pail holder
  • Capable of holding up to 385 gallons

Make load positioning easy with all poly IBC spill pallets with no drain that:

  • Can hold two stacks of different sized IBC totes
  • Have inner polyethylene pedestals for superior holding strength
  • Positioning pegs to keep deck from shifting

The forkliftable ultra IBC spill pallet plus provides safe and convenient IBC tank handling and dispensing with excellent chemical resistance.

IBC containment and dispensing station that:

  • Loads and allows double stacking of IBC tanks
  • Large deck surface for both additional storage and allowing an IBC to be positioned for internal dispensing within a sump area
  • Includes a drain plug at the bottom for easy cleaning

Get replacement sumps and platforms and pullover covers for your IBC tote spill containment pallet as well.