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Revolutionary new plastic containers that do it all. Safe for volatile compounds, FDA compliant, and compatible with a wide range of chemicals.

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Contact us today! Our sales staff knows everything that there is to know about these new products, and we would be more than happy to help you get the right container for your application. Ready to replace your heavy metal containers and your expensive fluorinated plastics? Contact BASCO and we’ll get you fitted out with the perfect Baritainers® today!


For years, there have been gaps in the industrial container market that have forced consumers to purchase several different containers at a time, just to ensure that the variety of materials that they may be shipping are all compatible. Those days are gone, with the rise of the Baritainer®.

There are obvious gaps in the industrial container market that are currently filled by processes like fluorination and multilayering of materials. These processes add an extra step to the supply chain, and an extra cost towards your bottom line.

What if we told you that there was a simple way to eliminate those extra costs?

Enter: Baritainers®.

A brand new revolution in the world of industrial packaging, Baritainers® are fully capable of reducing your carbon footprint, the effort that goes into your purchasing process, and the money out of your pocket.

Looking for more specific information about Baritainers®?

Check out our infographic here, to see how Baritainers® contain the uncontainable.

PDF for Baritainers on desk. PDF for Baritainers on desk.

But what are Baritainers®, and why do you need them?

Produced with a unique blend of HDPE and a revolutionary new barrier resin additive called Kortrax®, Baritainers® are the result of thousands of hours of research and development. The HDPE plastic is the same material that you’re used to seeing in your poly containers, but the Kortrax® that gets blended in provides the added benefit of allowing you to ship volatile organic compounds (VOCs), without the need for fluorination. Now, you’re able use the same lightweight plastic drums that you’re used to for shipping and storing household chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, chemical waste, industrial & laboratory chemicals, and more.

Additionally, these new containers eliminate the chance of chemical permeation. Flavors, fragrances, and active ingredients can be shipped and stored without losing potency due to leeching into the plastic.

Take that extra step out of your process, and get a little greener

No longer will you need to transport your containers to fluorination facilities, reducing your transportation costs as well as your impact on the environment. Baritainers® are also recyclable, as well as being impermeable. They’re an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to metal packaging, due to their lightweight composition, letting you cut back on your truckload emissions.

A valid replacement for tons of your regular containers

Baritainers® are composed almost entirely of HDPE, just like your other plastic containers.

These new-age containers work great as replacements for...

  • Steel barrels and pails, both closed and open head
  • Fluorinated plastic barrels, pails, and IBCs
  • Multilayered plastic containers

Baritainer® poly drums offer the ability to safely transport solvent-based VOCs, while simultaneously providing all of the normal benefits of HDPE. They’re still wonderful for protecting against O2, CO2, and H2O permeation, they’re still puncture and dent resistant, they’re still rust proof, and they’re still FDA compliant and UN rated.

Baritainer® IBCs can be used to replace your coex multilayer IBCs as well as your fluorinated IBCs. No need to worry, they’ll still be FDA compliant and UN rated, and they’re compatible with all of the same valves and gaskets.

If you’re utilizing lined steel tight head pails in your operation to contain VOCs, you can save yourself a ton of money by switching over to Baritainers®. Not only will your new Baritainer® tight heads be monumentally cheaper to ship, but they’ll be much lighter and easier to carry around the workplace. With the added benefit of FDA compliance, Baritainer® tight heads should be an easy decision.



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