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IBC Totes

Stacks Up To 3 High.

Save money and maximize storage space by shipping your products in one large plastic IBC container or steel IBC tote. Easy to store outdoors or indoors, save space by stacking your containers. 

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  1. 275 Gallon IBC Tank with Composite Pallet
    275 Gallon IBC Tank with Composite Pallet
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What is an intermediate bulk container?

Intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, are industrial grade reusable containers mounted on pallets and used for storing and moving large amounts (bulk) liquids and solids. IBCs are available in rigid, folding and flexible forms. We also offer hazmat certified intermediate bulk containers for use, storage and transport of hazardous waste.

About IBCs

Storing or transporting liquids or solids in IBCs helps you save money and maximize space. Our IBCs are weather resistant, standing up to high temperatures, UV rays and even age. They’re easy to fill, and thanks to the combined attached palette IBCs are stackable and a breeze to load, optimizing any shipping space. Our IBCs are also UN rated and FDA compliant, allowing for a wide range of chemicals and food grade products.

IBCs are perfect for storing or transporting chemicals, solvents, liquids, food products, sand and more, including the collection of rainwater for drinking or watering crops.

Available from BASCO

We offer a range of IBCs:

  • IBC tanks made from steel and high-density polyethylene: available in 275 and 330 gallon sizes.
  • Stainless steel IBC tanks: available in 350 and 550 gallon sizes.
  • IBC packaging systems with cube or pillow liners: available in 275 gallon size.

Shop our large selection of intermediate bulk containers today! Have questions? Give us a call, our staff is here and ready to help with your IBC needs.



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