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  1. Air Regulator for GRACO® Air Powered Oil Pump

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How to Select the Right Gauge or Sampler

Sight Gauges, Gauge Sticks and Poles, Pop-Up Gauges, Ultrasonic Gauges, Shatterproof Liquid Samplers, Pail Ethanol Samplers, and many more - each has a specific function.

In order to select the right one, you need to know:

  • What is being measured or sampled
  • Its chemical composition
  • What type and size of container it is in
  • In what unit of measure you want to see the results

BASCO offers a wide selection of gauges and samplers including:

  • A gauge stick: Marked in gallons that are calibrated for measuring the level in a 55 gallon steel drum.
  • A pop-up gauge: Indicates when your container is full to prevent over filling
  • An Ultrasonic Gauge: A battery-operated digital gauge that needs to be programmed to the size of your drum whether you wish to measure in gallons or liters
  • Samplers: For product analysis
  • Sampling bags for quality control: For sending your samples in for laboratory testing