Why Buy From BASCO?


Customer Service

EXPERT ASSISTANCE - 70+ years of experience proven by our product knowledgeable Customer Service Experts. They take an intensive product training course before they are allowed to begin fielding calls or emails. They study every item in our catalog and on our website - more than 5,300 products - so they can help you find the best solutions for your applications. Getting it right the first time every time is what makes your business run smoothly and at the lowest cost.

TruckNO MINIMUM ORDER - 5,300+ items available, with NO MINIMUM ORDER on stocked items. Because we get the little guy. Only order what you need when you need it for your business, facility, or other purpose. No need to pay for extra inventory when you don't need it!

HARD-TO-FIND PRODUCTS ARE OUR SPECIALTY AT BASCO. Of course we offer all the popular industrial packaging and equipment products, but we also have the most comprehensive line of containers and related products in the industry. If you need something unusual or special, we’ll get right on it!

GET YOUR DELIVERY WHEN YOU NEED IT - 98% of stock items SHIPPED ON TIME out of one of our 11 nationwide locations. Our order processing and shipping procedures are streamlined to get you what you need exactly when you need it. If you like, we’ll regularly check in with you to make sure you never run out.

GETTING PRODUCTS RETURNED DOESN'T HAPPEN MUCH HERE. Why? We answer your questions, provide information and review your order, so you get it right the first time. It saves all of us time and money!

NATIONWIDE COVERAGE - Like we said, we  have 11 nationwide locations in 8 major US cities. That means meeting you where you are to deliver your products quickly.

PRICED RIGHT.  We are competitively priced on everything we sell combined with superior service for the best value in the business. Volume pricing is available when you are ordering larger quantities.

Get right to it

Getting right down to it, it’s easy to see why BASCO is the top choice for so many industry professionals. Contact BASCO - we’ll get it right for you, too!