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  1. Poly Drum Truck - Steel Wheels
    Poly Drum Truck - Steel Wheels
    $383.65 / each
  2. Poly Drum Truck - Polyolefin Wheels
  3. Poly Drum Truck - Moldon Rubber Wheels
  4. Poly Drum Truck - Steel Wheels
  5. Hustler Drum Truck - Steel Wheels
  6. Self-Standing Drum Truck - Steel Wheels

Items 1-15 of 405

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Material Handling Equipment You Need to Move, Lift, or Dump Drums and Pails

BASCO carries the right pieces of material handling equipment for you to handle your barrels and buckets safely and efficiently.

Review the selection of pail and drum handler products we offer. 

  • Dollies: Stainless steel, carbon steel, and molded HDPE and polyurethane
  • Dumpers: Manual dumpers including ones with gearboxes to tilt the drum, convenient forklift-mounted dumpers, overhead dumpers for craning, and self-contained dumpers for repetitive tasks
  • Drum Trucks: For easy movement of steel, fiber, and plastic drums, metal buckets, steel pails, and more
  • Pallet Trucks: For transporting palletized loads of up to 5,500 lbs
  • Drum Handlers: For transporting and doing one of these following operations additionally: lifting, pouring, and racking
  • Drum Lifters: Material lifting equipment for both horizontal and vertical raising of drums, even as heavy as steel overpack drums like a filled 85 gallon salvage drum
  • Drum Grabbers: The most popular way to load and unload barrels
  • Drum Cradles: For repositioning a drum from a vertical to a horizontal position for draining contents
  • Drum Racks: For supporting drums positioned horizontally or vertically during storage and dispensing
  • Drum Transportation: For palletizing, weighing, and raising a drum