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Pail Lids Covers and Caps

Plastic and Steel Bucket Lids

Screw on, press on, and lug finish bucket lids that will keep your product safe and secure. Paired with child-resistance, tamper-evidence, Flexspouts, and more.

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Pail Lids, Covers, and Caps: Important Top Facts about an Important Top to Pails and Buckets.

BASCO can help you select the right bucket lid or pail lid, cover, or cap for your needs with endless options available.  

Pail Opening/Fitting Styles:

Rieke® FLEXSPOUT®: Pour Products Conveniently

  • Fits Pail Sizes: 3.5-6 gallon
  • For alleviating chugging and splashing
  • EDPM gasket prevents leaks

Screw Cap: Quick to Open, Still Securing

  • Fits Pail Sizes: 3.5-7 gallon
  • Easy on, easy off capability
  • FDA compliant
  • EPDM gasket prevents leaks

Pail Closure Styles – In UN Rated & Non-UN Rated Versions, FDA Compliant & Non-FDA Compliant Versions

  • Gamma Seal Bucket Lid: Air tight covering of products
  • Snap-On Pail Lid: Available in round and square; With or without a gasket
  • Tear Tab Lid: For tamper evidence in the event that a product is meddled with
  • Plain bucket lid