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  1. Ultra Dewatering Bags® 10 ft x 15 ft
  2. Ultra Grate Hook
    Ultra Grate Hook
    $30.90 / each
  3. Ultra DrainGuard
    Ultra DrainGuard
    $38.95 / each
  4. Ultra Reusable Dewatering Bags 3 ft x 5 ft
  5. Ultra DrainGuard For Trash And Debris
  6. Locking Rods For Dewatering Bags
  7. Ultra Dewatering Bags® - 6 ft x 6 ft
  8. Ultra Grate Lifter Carrying Case
  9. Ultra Dewatering Bags® 15 ft x 15 ft
  10. Ultra DrainGuard Plus
    Ultra DrainGuard Plus
    $58.10 / each
  11. Ultra Reusable Dewatering Bags 5 ft x 7 ft

Items 1-15 of 18

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Stormwater Management for Clean Water

What is stormwater?

It is rainwater or melted snow, it’s polluted, and it can cause much havoc when it runs into streets, lawns, and worksites.

That is where stormwater management comes in handy to reduce how much of it gets around in your industrial facilities, construction sites, and parking lots.

Stormwater Treatment Made Easy With:

Drain Guard:

  • Ranging in sizes from 24 feet to 48 feet
  • Essential for any storm water management system: Removes sediment and other pollutants from storm water
  • Work with curb inlet guards: Stops debris from entering curb inlets and catch basins when used with combination catch basins with a street grate and a curb opening

Dewatering Bags:

  • Dewatering bags for silt: Filter both oil and sediment from heavy pumping outflows from rainfall or storm water
  • Ranging in sizes from 3 ft to 15 ft
  • Replacement galvanized steel locking rods and replacement reusable dewatering sediment filter bags available that easily install to the rods

Passive Skimmer:

  • Floating oil skimmer: Polymer absorbent floats on water surface and continuously absorbs oil
  • Capable oil skimmer: Can hold up to 2 gallons of oil
  • Fits most catch basins, sumps, vaults, and holding tanks
  • Prevents leaching and will not create ponding or clog

Grate Lifter:

  • 400 lb lifting capacity for a heavy storm water drain grate, sewer grate cover, storm drain cover, and manhole cover
  • Disassembles for easy transport

Grate Hook:

  • Heavy duty, steel grate hook: For heavy storm drain grates
  • Fits all storm water grates
  • Protects hands from injury