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  1. Lamp Compactor
    Lamp Compactor
    $4,136.70 / each
  2. Rubbermaid® 50 Gallon Liners
    Rubbermaid® 50 Gallon Liners
    $364.15 / pack
  3. Rubbermaid® 45 Gallon Liners
    Rubbermaid® 45 Gallon Liners
    $340.80 / pack
  4. Rubbermaid® 55 Gallon Liners
    Rubbermaid® 55 Gallon Liners
    $221.65 / pack
  5. Rubbermaid® 44 - 50 Gallon Liners
    Rubbermaid® 44 - 50 Gallon Liners
    $307.10 / pack
  6. 55 Gallon Trash Liners 1.7 mil
    55 Gallon Trash Liners 1.7 mil
    $49.10 / case
  7. 55 Gallon Trash Liners Heavy Duty .65 mil
  8. 33 Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Liners .65 mil
  9. 33 Gallon Trash Liners Medium Duty .5 mil
  10. Rubbermaid® 44 - 50 Gallon Liners
    Rubbermaid® 44 - 50 Gallon Liners
    $307.10 / each

Items 1-15 of 17

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Keeping Clean by Keeping Janitorial Equipment at Hand

Why is BASCO a janitorial equipment supplier?

Why wouldn't we be? Maintaining a sanitary work environment is important so that's where janitorial items and custodial supplies come into play.

Self-Dumping Steel Hopper: For Dumping Heavy Loads Intelligently

  • Intelligent metal hopper: Automatically dumps at a 70° angle when the bumper release makes contact with side of dumpster
  • Perceptive out of other steel dumping hoppers: Returns to upright and locked position automatically after it dumps  
  • Locking chain: Secures the trash hopper to fork truck
  • Leak proof dump hopper: Constructed with robotic welds

Rubbermaid Tilt Trucks: Trash Receptables For Transporting and Dumping Heavy Loads

  • Easy-to-clean smooth surface that resists pitting and corroding
  • Safe utility tilt truck: Made of USDA and FDA compliant materials
  • Inset wheels for safe operation in tight quarters and to protect walls, fixtures, and patrons
  • Excellent maneuverability: Ergonomic "steering wheel" handle
  • Tilt trucks with dumping control: Constant force knee and secondary handle
  • In utility duty, standard duty, and heavy duty
  • Consider these as trash receptacles for restaurants

Lamp Compactor: For Disposing of Fluorescent Lamps within 55 Gallon Steel Drums Only

  • Activated carbon filter: Captures dangerous mercury vapors
  • Receiving tube accepts any length lamp and rear tower accepts various sized lamps
  • Fluorescent bulb crushers lamp compactors: Pulverizes approximately 1100 T12 lamps with a 2-plex blade
  • HEPA filtration: Superior air quality venting

Rubbermaid Liners: For a Variety of Applications, Both Janitorial and Everyday Use

  • LLDPE garbage can liners: Clear 44 to 55 gallon liners designed with a strong ‘star seal’ bottom
  • Trash can liners eliminates gaps along the seal where leaks can occur
  • Easily conforms to the shape of the storage container
  • Topside dual-dispensing packaging: Allows for top or side dispensing

Rubbermaid BRUTE® Standard Round Dolly: For Easy Mobility and Maneuverability of Heavy Loads Through Work Areas

  • Round dolly designed to fit BRUTE® round containers
  • BRUTE® dolly equipped with five, standard 3” swivel casters