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Why It’s Important to Chose the Right Pail Opener or Closer

Opening a pail cover, with or without a fitting, is a fairly easy task.  However, closing them the proper way, especially when shipping a UN regulated product or an explosive or flammable product, needs special attention.

Non-Sparking Aluminum: When in Hazardous Areas, Including the Presence of Flammables

Aluminum is considered a non-ferrous metal and therefore has non-sparking properties.

Spark-Resistant Bronze: When in Non-Hazardous Areas

UN-Rated Pails Require Special Tools for Opening and Closing 

Most pail opening or closing tools will work for a non-UN pail cover or screw cap. However, opening and closing a UN Rated pail requires tools specifically designed for the job.

We carry it all, from simple one-pail-at-a-time hand tools to closing machines that will close pails as part of a production process.  Many are available in non-sparking or spark-resistant materials.

Opening a Non-UN or UN-Rated Pail

Any pail wrench will open your drum, but closing a UN-rated bucket requires a special tool. For that you need to use a torque wrench which meets the specific torque requirements specified in your drum’s closing instructions.

Looking for the best solution to open your steel pails, plastic pails, and buckets? These pail openers and other opening tools are exactly that. 

There are even convenient Rieke® Flexspout® removal tools.