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Steel Drums

Durability To Depend On

If you have hazardous products, then these are the pick for you. Our wide selection of wholesale steel drums will store and transport a variety of your products.

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Wholesale 55 Gallon Steel Drums and Other Sizes of Bulk Steel Drums from BASCO? Why?

  • High-quality metal drums like an industry standard 55 gallon steel drum: Made from first quality cold rolled steel
  • Long-lasting endurance and product protection made a priority: 55 gallon bulk steel drums have either rust inhibitor interiors or phenolic lining to preserve the products' integrity
  • Bulk steel drums are metal storage containers not afraid of danger: Many of our wholesale steel drums hold dangerous, hazardous materials

Got questions about steel drums? We've got answers.

Here are some useful blogs that we've published, specifically to help you make sure that you get the right steel drum for the job.

55 Gallon Drum FAQ - Answers questions like; "What is a 55 gallon drum?" "What does 'tight head' mean?" and "What are the dimensions of a 55 gallon drum?"

Tips for Managing Drums and Other Large Containers in Your Warehouse - Once you have your 55 gallon steel drum, you'll need to be able to effectively maneuver and handle it in your workplace. This blog will outline best practices for handling your drums and steel barrels, whether filled or empty.

Recon Drums Explained - What is a recon drum, exactly? This blog will help you understand what reconditioned steel drums are, and how they can help you save a bit of cash.

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