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Store, Handle, and Transfer Flammable Liquids with OSHA & Fire Code Compliance

You never know when an emergency might happen, so you should always be prepared. BASCO has a huge selection of safety storage cabinets, safety cans, grounding and bonding wires, safety tools, and personal protection equipment for storing, handling, and transferring flammable liquids:

Right Tools When Handling Flammable Products or in a Hazardous Area

  • A normal tool in these situations could cause a fire or an explosion.
  • You will need bronze spark-resistant tools or aluminum non-sparking tools.

Stock Protective Gear - Be Ready with the Right Protection

BASCO has a large variety of personal protective equipment in stock:

  • Ear protection: Guard Against Extremely High Noise Levels (over 85 decibels)

Over ear hearing protection like hearing protection headphones

In ear hearing protection like hearing protection ear buds

  • Eye and Mouth Protection: UV Protection and Respiratory Blockers where Possible

Various eye protection glasses available: Eye protection goggles, respiratory masks, and eye wash station products

Protection from flying objects such as large chips, fragments, harmful dust, chemicals, and much more like respiratory masks for asbestos.

  • PPE Safety: Safety Clothing & Protective Clothing & Safety Gloves

Industrial clothing and safety wear like coveralls: Lightweight, chemical resistant, and high resistance to punctures that prevent tears 

High visibility clothing like arm sleeves that are also the ultimate in cut protection

Liquid and chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and UV and age-resistant safety gloves

Store and Handle Flammables Properly to Help Protect Your Workplace

  • If you have flammable liquids outside of a storage room or fire protection area, they must be stored in an approved safety cabinet like the ones here at BASCO.
  • NOTE: Incompatible chemicals need to be segregated.

Guard Against a “Preventable Disaster”

Choose proper protection for your flammable liquids - get the right safety cans based on:

  • The tasks to be done
  • The amount to be transferred or contained
  • Which hazardous or flammable liquids you have in your workplace

Come as coated steel cans or plastic cans.