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Why Industrial Shelving and Storage Racks?

BASCO has many options in industrial shelving, container shelving systems, and storage racks with sump inserts, rack sumps, and shelf inserts to both collect spills and leaks from containers as well as to store those containers.

To Help Out Your Racking and Shelving:

Storage Container Shelving Systems:

  • Strong industrial shelving units: Made from galvanized steel
  • Large load capacities per shelf
  • Deep lips for collecting spills
  • Easily assembled without needing tools 

Shelf Insert: Physical separation of incompatible materials and improved corrosion-resistance for products not compatible with steel

Rack Sumps (with or without drain):

  • Fits into warehouse racking with minimal obstruction to adjacent storage areas
  • Allows direct forklift access to wooden pallet
  • Stays positioned in storage racks when removing pallet and drums
  • All-polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode
  • Chemical resistant containment sump
  • Yellow, translucent color allows quick, floor level visual inspection for spills and leaks
  • Keeps dangerous and costly spills off of floors, equipment, and inventory

Sump Inserts:

  • Corrosion-resistant sump basins: Made from strong galvanized steel
  • 100% inspected with a low-viscous test to insure leak tightness