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Plastic Drums

Largest Variety Of Ready To Ship Plastic Drums and Barrels

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  1. black curtec drum
    29 Gallon Plastic Drum for Pharmaceuticals and More
    In stock

Items 1-15 of 79

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Getting It Right with 55 Gallon Plastic Drums and Other Barrels Wholesale: UV Resistant Drums. Large Storage Containers for Large Amounts of Various Products

Why you should consider our plastic drums like plastic 30 gallon drums, 55 gallon plastic drums, 55 gallon plastic barrels and other plastic barrels:

  • Plastic 55 gallon drums are capable of holding all kinds of materials, both liquids and solids: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, liquids, cosmetics, electronic parts, hardware, and household products
  • Many 55 gallon plastic barrels are FDA and USDA compliant and BPA free to be toxin free and food safe
  • Many plastic drums like our 55 gallon plastic drum selections are UV resistant drums with molded in colors that keep light out

Should you choose a plastic (poly) drum or a steel barrel?

Here are some tips to help you pick out your drum's material:

  • Consider compatibility. Different materials are compatible with different things. BASCO carries FDA compliant plastic drums for foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and much more. While poly drums are often equipped with UN ratings for hazardous materials, steel drums are usually more heavy-duty, making them appropriate for some hazardous materials that poly drums cant handle.
  • Are you concerned with rust? Plastic drums can't develop rust over time, unlike steel drums. While steel drums often feature rust inhibiting linings on their interiors, a plastic drum is inherently rust-proof.
  • Shipping costs. BASCO carries a number of lightweight plastic drums for shipping in bulk. Steel drums are always an excellent heavy-duty option for shipping, but if you can use plastic, you'll likely save a bit of money on shipping and handling.