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  1. Poly-Dolly® With 10 Inch Polyolefin Wheels
  2. Poly-Dolly® With 10 Inch Solid Rubber Tires

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Secondary Containment Units That Shelter the Environment From Leaky and Damaged Containers

To choose the right containment cradle, you need to decide whether you need solid rubber wheels, well suited to rough floors and surfaces, or chemical resistant polyolefin wheels, which are chemically resistant. BASCO offers both types on models which can transport 30 or 55 gallon steel or plastic drums with ease.

 The Poly-Dolly® Containment Cradle models:

  • Contains spills, drips and leaks in its built-in containment sump
  • Tilt drums horizontally to also dispense products
  • Ideal for a 5 gallon bucket, but an equally good drum cradle too
  • Containment sump equipped with a plug for easy draining
  • Secondary containment units can also be fork lifted from the rear