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  1. Black Diamond® Spill Deck - 2 Drums
  2. Universal Drip Pan
    Universal Drip Pan
    $88.45 / case
  3. Ultratech Rack Containment Tray® Single Tray
  4. Extractor Standard
    Extractor Standard
    $890.00 / each
  5. Ultratech Utility Tray 30 Gallon Capacity
  6. Ultratech Utility Tray 30 Gallon Capacity
  7. Ultratech Utility Tray 27 Gallon Capacity
  8. Ultratech Utility Tray 24 Gallon Capacity
  9. Ultratech Utility Tray 18 Gallon Capacity
  10. OilSorb™ Outdoor Drip Pan
    OilSorb™ Outdoor Drip Pan
    $111.65 / case
  11. Enpac® SpillPal™
    Enpac® SpillPal™
    $67.00 / each

Items 1-15 of 58

per page
Set Descending Direction


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Hazardous Leak Prevention Is Served on a Spill Containment Tray

A spill tray is a form of secondary containment that prevents hazardous materials splashes and spills from contaminating your environment.

Our containment tray options:

Drum Spill Tray

  • Drum cradle drip tray kits with replacement absorbent pans available: Polyethylene tray comes with cellulose absorbent to hold up to 3 quarts of liquid
  • Ultratech® Drum Tray: Strong, lightweight polyethylene drum tray holds 22.8 gallons of liquid; molded-in octagonal rib on bottom keeps drums centered; For dispensing and filling operations
  • Drip basin for drums: Quickly attaches for added drip protection; For cans and pail; Grid keeps liquids away from bottom of container
  • Enpac® SpillPal™: Incidental spill control and hazardous material storage; 4 drum, 6 drum, and 8 drum varieties available; With or without a grate


Plastic Spill Trays

  • Poly Spill Pad: Sturdy vinyl and inner polyethylene berm for spill containment; chemical resistant; for pails, cans, and batteries; removable grate for easy sump access
  • General plastic spill containment trays: Like poly spill pads, but all polyethylene
  • Poly LabtrayTM: Reduce spills and overflows of liquid and free-flowing powder chemicals during material transfers in the lab; large sump capacity; non-corrosive parts
  • UltraTech Spill Tray®: 100% chemical-resistant polyethylene; removable grate for easy access to sump; handy built-in pour spout for convenient recovery of spilled liquid


Utility Trays: Contain leaks and drips while working with small containers or small machinery  

  • All purpose spill containment and also works as a temporary barrel and pail liquid transfer station; Deep, high capacity sumps for large leak storage; Made from 100% UV-resistant high-density polyethylene; lip on the sidewalls for more strength
  • Heavy-duty spill containment utility tray options: Rust and corrosion-resistant polyethylene; Keeps cans, pails, and other containers elevated above small spills and leaks with ribbed bottom; Nestable for easy storage


PVC Spill Shells

  • Econo Spill Shell: For 1 drum, 2 drums, and 4 drums; Can also store other storage containers; Engineered drainage channels facilitates spill flow for safe, effective clean-up; Easy loading