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Building Protection

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Shelter Your Shelter

Keep your building protected with the proper equipment like plastic corner guards or wall guards, poly cades, column protectors, and post sleeves.

Plastic Corner Guards: For Protecting Building Edges

  • Install on overhead door frames, H-frame racking, factory wall corners, or use horizontally as rack guards
  • Constructed of stress resistant high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors
  • Install on wood or concrete

Square Column Protector: For Protecting the Perimeters of Buildings from Impact

  • Made of rust proof and UV protected LLDPE
  • Cushions a blow from a 7,000 lb forklift
  • Assemble in 5 minutes, no tools required

Poly-Cade Barrier: For Separation from Regular Traffic and Walling Off Hazardous Areas

  • For traffic control, crowd control, safety areas, restricted areas, and no parking areas
  • Used in factories, airports, construction sites, and in any area that requires separation from regular traffic
  • Rust proof, lightweight, and easy to handle

Post Sleeves: For Protecting Posts and Vehicles from Damage and Improving Property Appearance

  • Fits easily and securely over existing posts
  • Resistant to all weather conditions: Made of HDPE
  • Reflective striping for visibility