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Drum Liners

Liners You Can Count On

Straight sided, FDA compliant, round bottom and more. BASCO has 50+ barrel liners to choose from.

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Why Do I Need a Drum Liner?

Each variety of drum liner is designed for a different purpose, and chances are, one of those purposes applies to you. For flammable materials, utilize an anti-stat liner to minimize the chance of combustion or ignition. Even if the material you’re storing isn’t particularly hazardous or chemically active, you may want to use barrel liners to prevent wear and tear on your container. Purchasing drum liners is much cheaper than buying new drums, so these liner bags can save your wallet in the long run. If you’re the type of person who likes to plan ahead and prevent unnecessary spending, consider drum and barrel liners.

A Barrel Liner a Day, Keeps Drum Disposal Away

Prolong the life of your drums with liners available in a variety of styles for various kinds of products.

  • A range for 30 to 55 gallon drums
  • Anti-static liners: Cleaner product removal with a molded special static dissipating agent intended to aid in the reduction of static build up
  • Rigid straight sided liners: Prevents slippage and leaves no room for products to seep out of the liner and into the container
  • Seamless accordion liners: Highly adjustable with pleated sides that stretch to different heights and perfectly conform to the inside of the barrel
  • Flexible fold backs, straight bottoms, tie tops, and round bottom drum liners: Fold backs pull back over the top rim of a steel drum to fully protect it, heat sealed round bottoms to ensure no leakage

Still need info? Learn more about drum liners' versatility for other uses in our comprehensive guide to drum liners.