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  1. Black Marking Plate for IBC Tote
  2. Grey Marking Plate for IBC Tote
  3. IBC Corrugated Marking Plate
  4. 2.25” IBC Ball Valve for Schutz® IBC Units
  5. Ball Valve Dust Cap
    Ball Valve Dust Cap
    $2.45 As low as $0.87 / each

Items 1-15 of 177

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Let BASCO Give You a Hand in Giving Your IBC a Hand

Have you ever tried hammering a nail with a wrench or sweep with a mop?

Not exactly productive or possible, right?

That’s why having the right tool for the right container is important. If you're not sure what IBC tools and accessories will work for your IBC cap, IBC valve, or torque tool, here's where we step in:

  • Polypropylene and aluminum hose barbs, hose fittings, spout extensions, IBC gravity feed hose kits, and hose shanks for dispensing
  • Steel and plastic marking plates for quick identification
  • IBC valve wrenches for getting into tight spaces surrounding most IBC valves to tighten and fill cap wrenches
  • FDA compliant and tamper evident fill liners with perforated flaps to hold liners in place while pouring products into IBC totes and containers