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Fiber Drums

Lightweight and Versatile

For a sustainable and cost-effective shipping method, fiber drums have you covered.

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Bulk Fiber Drums FAQs to Give Your Cardboard Drums Their Fiber

What are bulk wholesale fiber drums used for?

  • Fiber barrels and cardboard drums are for dry and solid products
  • Insulation provided by cardboard drums' smooth fiber interior
  • Both lever lock and non-locking, telescoping styles available for the lightweight, open head cardboard drums
  • Effective: Wholesale fiber drums, like 55 gal fiber drum varieties, create reduced shipping cost solutions
  • Rated for hazardous materials: Some UN Rated fiber drums

Still have this question: What are wholesale fiber drums used for? 

Wholesale fiber drums, or corrugated cardboard drums, are also used for storing old lamps.

Do you have fiber drums for fluorescent lamps?

Yes, we do. Our recycling cardboard drums and fluorescent lamp recycling drums like SKU FDCLB39 hold your exhausted bulbs for collection to keep the bulbs safe until ready for disposal. These wholesale fiber drums are also made in a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified plant. Reduce waste and disposal costs.

In which industries are fiber drums used? What are fiber drums used for?

Due to their lightweight frame and compatibility with a wide range of dry goods, fiber drums are super popular for packaging and shipping foods, pharmaceuticals, recycling, and even cannabis! Their corrugate composition makes these containers some of the most versatile on the block.

What are fiber drums made of?

To put it simply, fiber drums are made of fiber material that is coated with lacquer, often paired with a steel cover. Fiber is a material similar to cardboard, but designed to be sturdier than your average shipping box.

Which Fiber Drum Should You Get? Expert Advice:

The wrong package for the wrong application can lead to damaged product, lost production, and fines/penalties for non-compliance with DOT regulations. Knowledge of the vast number of available sizes (1-75 Gallon) and types, i.e. Lock-Rim or All Fiber, are examples of the expert advice that can only be obtained by a fiber drum expert.

What happens when the wrong fiber drum is used?

Fiber drums come in a large variety of heights, diameters, weight capacities, and closure styles. If a fiber drum is chosen that cannot support the weight of the contents being put into it, the result can be costly.

What are some of the most important considerations when choosing a fiber drum?

Simply choosing a lock-rim fiber drum from a supplier who does not understand the application of its intended use can lead to safety issues when stacking filled drums. For example, in the case of the wrong fiber drum being used, the drum at the top of the stack may tumble as a result of the drum at the bottom being unable to support the weight of the stack. In addition, the drum and/or contents may be lost or damaged. In this case, the weight capacity of the fiber drum is critical.

What are some of the most important questions to ask a supplier when purchasing fiber drums?

It is important to first consult an expert supplier who has vast experience with a myriad of applications for fiber drums. It is also important to ask for information and advice regarding options that can be made available through an experienced and knowledgeable supplier. For example, ask not only what common sizes and types are available, but also ask if there are other options that you may not even know exist.

Are both lock-rim and all-fiber drums suitable for hazardous materials and are they reusable?

Both lock-rim and all-fiber drums that are properly certified and marked for use as a hazardous materials package can be used to ship certain products. However, once the all-fiber drum has been emptied, it cannot be reused again for hazardous shipping. Be sure to contact a qualified and experienced supplier who can provide reliable, expert advice as to the responsibilities of the offeror of a hazardous material under the HMR (Hazardous Materials Regulations).

How can I find an expert supplier of fiber drums?

BASCO has been in business for over 75 years and has built its reputation on providing knowledge, expertise, and award-winning service that few companies can match. Please contact us here, or call 800.776.3786 for expert advice not only on fiber drums but also on other packaging options that may exist in order to meet your needs.