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Your ‘Mini-Safe’ for Dangerous, Flammable Liquids

Don’t expose containers of flammable liquids to the possibility of spill and damage from traffic in the area.

Where should flammable liquids be stored?

In safety cabinets because they’re what should be stored in a flammable storage cabinet for you or your workers to have quick access to instead of in a storage room.

And because OSHA regulations and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes say that if you have flammable liquids outside of a storage room or fire protection area, they must be stored in an approved safety cabinet.

NOTE: Incompatible chemicals need to be segregated.


What is an approved safety cabinet and what’s so great about it?

Check out this video

  • Specially designed and ruggedly built steel enclosure (or can be made of plastic or non-metallic laminate for acids and other corrosives)
  • Double-wall construction protects the contents from heat
  • An off-the-floor sill contains any leaks or spills
  • Built-in flame arresting vents allowing flammable vapors to escape, but preventing flashback ignition and explosion


What Kind of Safety Cabinet Should I Get?

  • For ordinary flammable liquids, like paints, inks, or adhesives that contain solvents: Steel cabinets like ours that hold up to 90 gallons of product on galvanized steel shelves with drip-proof edges
  • Safety cabinets with manual doors: Open 180° and when you push the doors closed, they automatically latch at three points
  • In the event of a fire: Cabinets with self-closing doors automatically close and latch
  • For drums that contain flammable liquids: We have safety cabinets that hold 55 gallon drums on their side, ready for easy and neat draining into your safety cans
  • For corrosive chemicals: Our all-polyethylene cabinets ultimate in chemical resistance and leak protection; Designed for acids; Can accommodate up to 30 one-liter bottles; Seamlessly molded and have their own pull-out sump to collect and contain spills and leaks 
  • Corrosion-resistant steel cabinets: For flammable corrosives

All polyethylene shelves; Chemical-resistant special powder coat finish

  • Non-metallic laminated cabinets: Ideal for Acids and Phenol

Laminated wood varieties with no metal interior parts like our Model 24150; Will accommodate up to 49 2.5-liter bottles

  • Pesticide storage cabinets also available