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  1. Spill Recovery Kit For Vacuum/Pump Systems
  2. Exair® Chip Vac™ System Deluxe
  3. Exair® Chip Vac™ System
    Exair ® Chip Vac System
    $656.50 / each
  4. Locking Rods For Dewatering Bags
  5. Liquid Recovery Pump
    Liquid Recovery Pump
    $1,236.05 / each
  6. Hazmat Response Safety Tool Kit
    Hazmat Response Safety Tool Kit
    $1,502.10 / each
  7. Flammable Liquid Recovery Vacuum
    Flammable Liquid Recovery Vacuum
    $8,356.30 / each

14 Items

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Next Steps, After the Spill Can Make a Big Difference

Step 1: Determine if the spill is hazardous and take proper precautions to protect the people in the area.

Step 2: A pump might be the answer to recovering the liquid. Or, perhaps you need a two-way pump system (that is also a vacuum) and its spill recovery kit. There are also shovels, scoops, and scrapers.

Flammable Liquid Recovery Vacuum

  • Exceptional static lift and high air flow for recovering large amounts of liquids and slurries
  • Standard 55 gallon, compressed air operated unit: includes lid assembly with locking lid latches, pressure relief valve, liquid shut off, intake hose closure, 25' x 1 1/2" grounded neoprene vacuum hose with nitrile core, aluminum operator handle with 14" floor squeegee and an all steel dolly with 5" conductive wheels

Additional Options for Spill Response Include:

Versatile Pump

  • Quickly and easily recovers the liquid out of a spill pallet
  • Ultra-reliable low-maintenance design has only two moving parts: Pump body made from ultra high-molecular weight polyethylene; Flexible pump liner made from Hypalon®
  • Unique seal-less design: Can run dry without damage
  • No packing glands or seals to wear out or leak
  • Mounted directly to motor
  • Convenient carry handle and skid base
  • Electric pump motors operate on 115 volt AC, single-phase, 60 Hz
  • Supplied with 6' intake and output hoses and 6' 3-wire cord and plug

Vacuum/Pump Systems

  • A two-way vacuum system attaches quickly to the 2" bung opening of any closed head steel drum
  • Intelligent oil spill vacuum cleaner: Control knob switches between pumping or vacuuming operation and features an automatic shut off valve to prevent overfilling
  • An available option: Spill Recovery Kit which easily removes liquids from floors and includes a 14" double blade squeegee tool and a sturdy, one-piece, 54" ABS wand

Is the Spill More than Just Liquid?

  • Air-operated Chip Vac +++: Creates a cyclonic action that vacuums metal, plastic or wood chips (wet or dry) into 55 gallon drums
  • Keep surrounding air clean: Dusty materials, such as absorbents, trapped by the 0.1 micron filter bag