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First Response Spill Kits

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Why BASCO First Response™ Spill Kits?

Fast control and spill clean up kit. Besides being fast, each of the spill kits are also:

  • Convenient: All come packed in easy-to-handle shipping containers and storage containers
  • Efficient: Come packed with high efficiency sorbents that absorb 20% more liquid
  • Accessible with economical re-fills: Individual kit components available separately to only buy what you need

What is Included in a First Response™ Spill Kit?

  • Default spill kit contents: Pre-packed with ready-to-use absorbents
  • Varying options that can be included: Pail; drum; absorbent socks, pads, and pillows; disposal bag with tie; warning label; hazmat response guidebook and spill kit instructions; nitrile chemical gloves; chemical goggles


Three Types of Spill Kits That All Completely Incinerate

UniSorb™ Spill Kits

  • For if your facility stores or works with acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, and unknown liquids
  • Universal spill kit with 100% treated polypropylene sorbent: Soaks up 16 times its weight in liquid

OilSorb™ Spill Kits

  • A fuel spill kit: For if you work with or have spills containing oils, fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbon fluids
  • Oil spill kit with 100% polypropylene sorbent: Soaks up to 16 times its weight

CleanSorb™ Spill Kits

  • For if you work with or have spills for non-aggressive liquids like oils, coolants, solvents and water
  • Spill kit with 100% recycled cellulose sorbent: Soaks up to 23 times its weight in liquids