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Keep Spills from Going Down the Drain or Spreading

Even if you don't need our spill berm that can manage 7405 gallons, you do need to protect your facility with the right, specifically designed plugs, berms, and seals to control potentially dangerous spills and leaks. 


  • Range of sizes: An individual 2", 3", and 4" floor drain plug or a spill plug kit with one of each
  • Flexible tapered plug quickly and easily seals off drain openings
  • Floor drain cleanout plug: Prevents spills or leaks from contaminating sewage system
  • Great for use during wash-down of equipment
  • Rinses clean easily after use: Non-absorbing polyurethane material resists water, oils, and most chemicals
  • Eyebolt allows use of plug with drain grating in place

Drain Seals

  • Fast response for leaks and spills headed for your drains
  • Flexible polyurethane drain covers form a tight seal over the opening to keep liquid out
  • Resistant drain seal option: Fights against oil, water, and most chemicals
  • Reusable: Storm drain cover cleans easily with soap and water
  • Choose a size that overlaps your drain opening by at least 3" on each edge
  • Material easily cut to fit special shapes

Portable Spill Containment Berms 

  • Long spill containment berms: Protect drains and doorways; Perfect for both emergency response and maintenance; Bend and curve to almost any shape
  • Standard length containment berms:  Easily cut and super flexible
  • Patented “living hinge” berms: For big jobs and sidewalls to collapse in either direction as you move in or out by springing back automatically to their upright position; Completely open interior with no frames or straps; Perfect for securing vehicles or skid-mounted tanks in remote locations