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  1. Hand Grade Poly Strapping 1/2 Inch - 16 Inch x 6 Inch Core
  2. Deluxe Poly Strapping Sealer
    Deluxe Poly Strapping Sealer
    $104.85 / each
  3. Regular Duty Steel Strapping Seals - 1/2  Inch x 1  Inch
  4. Deluxe Poly Strapping Tensioner
    Deluxe Poly Strapping Tensioner
    $158.20 / each
  5. Poly Strapping Seals 1/2 Inch x 1 1/4 Inch
  6. Poly Strapping Kits - General Purpose
    Poly Strapping Kit
    $83.00 / case
  7. Heavy-Duty Strapping Cart
    Heavy Duty Strapping Cart
    $292.60 / each
  8. Standard Grade Steel Strapping 1/2 Inch
  9. Steel Strapping Sealers - 1/2 Inch
    Steel Strapping Sealer
    $82.95 / each
  10. Steel Strapping Shears - Industrial
    Steel Strapping Shears
    $35.40 / each

Items 1-15 of 17

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BASCO Wants Your Loads to Have Secure Transits. They Deserve It.

Whether it's the industry standard steel strapping or eco-friendly poly strapping, there are many reasons why one should use either for shipping loads.

Steel Strapping - The Industry's Household Staple

  • Extremely high strength, high impact fastening with high break strengths
  • For heavy shipments

Poly Strapping - The All-American If It Were Tape: Still Can Compete with the Best

  • Easy to use, flexible yet strong, weather resistant, and elongating to accommodate multiple tension levels
  • Works for both light and medium duty applications all the way up to those requiring stronger resilience like lumber and metal
  • Many varieties from regular polypropylene to high strength polyester

Don't forget the essential tools to complete your strapping. Strapping kits, banding tools, banding tensioners, pallet bands, and more strapping supplies and tools like strapping sealers and shears are here at BASCO for your pallet needs.