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Welcome Kaplan Container to the BASCO Family!

Who is Kaplan Container?

Kaplan Container began selling wooden barrels in Rochester, New York in the

1920's. Today, they are a major industrial supplier of plastic, metal, fiber, and

glass containers throughout the United States.




Whether you need a one-ounce plastic bottle, a five-gallon plastic pail, or a 1,000-gallon steel tank, Kaplan has it.

We maintain close ties with top manufacturers who can turn around our orders virtually overnight and stock more than 500 SKUs in our 67,000 square foot warehouse. That’s one of the reasons that our customers choose to do business with us – we ship them exactly what they need in a matter of days. 

Another reason our customers rely on us is our product expertise – we provide guidance at no charge to help customers select the best product for their particular application. For us, it’s not about selling you a container, it’s about selling you the right container.

We do business with 20 of the nation’s largest corporations. Companies like GE, DuPont, Sherwin-Williams and 3M routinely turn to us for help because of our expertise in environmental, chemical, and manufacturing containment issues.

Our delivery is quick, our pricing affordable, and our service
top notch!

Let Kaplan Container Be Your Partner!

Looking for other items, or a free quote? Contact us!

Fantastic range of products

With no minimum orders on qualifying products, as well as wholesale prices available, we can offer you a fantastic range of items at affordable pricing. Give us a call or shoot us an email here!

Kaplan Container isn't going anywhere

We'd be happy to provide you with the containers that you need at the price that you want. Kaplan isn't going anywhere; they've just got BASCO to back them up!

As we embark into the 21st century, we have begun selling our products both nationally and internationally. Our customer list ranges from Fortune 100 companies down to small manufacturing concerns. We are a company dedicated to satisfying all of our customers with excellent service and quality products. Our longstanding customers look at us as partners rather than just suppliers. From 1-ounce bottles to 1,000 gallon tanks, we supply a full spectrum of containers and related products to our customers.

Kaplan Container's 65,000 square foot warehouse in East Rochester, New York, stocks over a half million bottles, jars, closures, cans, pails, and drums for just-in-time deliveries to our customers. Our ongoing Total Quality Program is aimed at achieving complete customer satisfaction through teamwork. From order entry through shipping and delivery, our entire staff is committed to quality. Kaplan Container is your one-stop shopping provider for all your container needs.

location 15 Jetview Dr. Rochester, NY 14624

Call(800) 935-7245

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We've got the container you need!

If you have a need for a container – whether it’s a 1-ounce plastic bottle or a 1,000-gallon tank – Kaplan Container can help. We started out as a supplier of wooden barrels, back in 1925, and today we’re the largest container distributor in the state.

We sell both new and reconditioned containers, which include bottles, boxes, cans, drums, IBCs, pails, jars, and jugs. Depending on the application, these containers can be made of steel, plastic, fiber, stainless steel, polyethylene, or glass. We also stock accessories, closures, handling equipment, and industrial spill containment supplies.

We'll help you get the container you need!

Besides finding just the right container for your particular need, Kaplan Container also offers a free locator service. If we don’t have the drum, bottle, can, pail, or box you need in our warehouse, we’ll find the quantity you’re looking for from our list of certified vendors and have it shipped directly to you.

We’re interested in establishing long-term business relationships and our business approach reflects that. We share information, advice, and experience freely with you in the hopes that you’ll come back to us whenever you have a container need.

Kaplan Container Products

Open Head Steel Drums

Available new or reconditioned, 15 to 55 gallon, lined or unlined, UN or non-Un certified and in various color combinations. Covers with bungs or without, and lever lock or bolt rings.

Plastic Bottles and Jars

Lightweight or heavyweight, ½ pint to 2 gallon, shapes - round & cylinder, with a variety of openings. Caps sold separately with or without various linings, tamper evident, and colors. 

Open Head Plastic Drums

10 to 57 gallon, new or reconditioned, UN or non-UN certified, and colors; blue, black, natural or white.

Open Head Plastic Pails

1 gallon to 6½ gallon, UN or non-UN certified, metal or plastic handles, stocked in several colors (custom colors & printing available). Covers available with tear-tabs, screw tops, with gaskets or without, screw caps, crimp spouts, and lever lock rings.

Tight Head Plastic Drums

15 to 55 gallon, new or reconditioned, UN or non-UN certified, and colors; blue, black, natural or white.

Tight Head Steel Drums

Available new or reconditioned, 15 to 55 gallon, lined or unlined, UN or non-Un certified and in various color combinations.

And Much, Much More!

How will this affect the customer experience?

Of course, you can always call and talk to the same great people, you’ll also be able to place your orders online, right on the BASCO website! Whether it’s just one pail, or an entire truckload of drums, you’ve got access to BASCO’s entire catalog, along with the same great Kaplan items.

You’ll be able to place orders more easily, quickly get expert product knowledge and experience, and unsurpassed customer service, whenever you need it, all at BASCOUSA.com.

If you're already a Kaplan Container customer, rest assured that you'll still have access to the same representatives, the same products, and the same warehouse that you're used to. Now, Kaplan just has all of BASCO's resources to work with as well!