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Hand Pumps

Drum Pumps

Don’t Pump It Up. It’s Confident Enough. Manual, Safety, or Power. Pick a category, pick a competence. With portable dispensing and accessories available.
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Pumping Solutions Like Manual 55 Gal Drum Pumps for Jobs to be Done without Power.

Manual pumps are typically intended for occasional, low volume jobs, but at BASCO we also offer choices for frequent, medium volume jobs, including FDA compliant hand pumps, oil Drum Pumps, and 55 gal drum pumps.

Choose the Manual Pump that is right for you:

Straight Piston or “Stick” Pumps:

  • For occasional, low volume jobs
  • Some of them double as siphon pumps
  • Available in a wide choice of materials, including food grade FDA compliant ones

Siphon pump: Prime the pump with the handle and the flow continues by itself until the liquid level in the supply containers falls to the level of the new container

Lever Action Piston and Diaphragm Air Operated Pumps:

  • Separate the pumping chambers for more frequent or medium volume jobs
  • Get a steady flow of liquid with a smoother, less tiring effort
  • Good for transferring anti-freeze or oil from a drum into an engine: Pumps greater distances and greater heights

Gravity Feed Hose Kits: Nozzle on the end enables dispensing from horizontally stored barrels

Lever Action Grease Pumps and Grease Guns: For dispensing grease

Proportioners and Measured-Shot Dispensing Pumps: Specialty items we carry like the “Envirowedge,” that gets the last bit of liquid pumped out of a drum