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  1. Battery Operated Kerosene Pump
  2. 12 Volt Cordless Pail Pump
    12 Volt Cordless Pail Pump
    $449.40 / each

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Why Electric Operated Pail Pumps?

BASCO has pail power pumps to help you quickly dispense a variety of liquids, including high viscosity ones, at different speeds. 

  • Quickly move liquids
  • Ideal for mild corrosives and flammables
  • Suggested applications for pumping: Polymers, adhesives, oils, and resins


  • Chemical pumps for corrosive environments
  • Electric pumps for high viscosity liquids
  • Electric motors for mixing the heaviest materials
  • Explosion proof pumps for use in hazardous areas when working with flammable liquids
  • Double diaphragm pumps
  • Air motors for flammable vapors
  • Stainless steel pumps, carbon steel pumps, and more