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Drum Band Heaters

Drum Heaters for Every Temperature Range and Barrel Size

High voltage. Wide temperature range from 0° F to 550° F. For drums and pails. Optional drip guard.

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Pointers for Choosing the Right Metal Band Heater

Metal Band Heaters are used to warm the contents of a drum or pail like a 55 gallon plastic drum heater or 5 gallon bucket heater. These heaters contain electrical heating elements inside a metal sheath. Before you use such a barrel warmer, you need to know what type of drum or pail the contents are in and what temperature the contents can tolerate.

Available in 4 different varieties:

  • Thermostat Control: Thermostat range of 200° – 400° F with a three-heat switch. Reaches a certain temperature and maintains the temperature of a drum or bucket.
  • Pre-Set Thermostat: This option provides the factory set temperature and will not exceed the maximum material-safe temperature of the selected container you choose as is recommended by many container manufacturers of said material.
  • Infinite (Variable) Control of Temperature: To keep product from overheating

For use on steel drums and steel pails with materials that are subject to charring, burning or separation: food, chocolate, honey, light oils, and undercoating materials.

  • Water Evaporation/Reduction Heater Band: For Steel 55 gallon drum heater only

A rugged aluminized steel housing that is equipped with a thermostat and resettable high limit cut off switch. When the water based material is reduced below the drum heater, the high limit switch will activate shutting off the heater.