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  1. Poly Strapping Kits - General Purpose
    Poly Strapping Kit
    $83.00 / case
  2. Poly Strapping Seals 1/2 Inch x 1 1/4 Inch
  3. Deluxe Poly Strapping Tensioner
    Deluxe Poly Strapping Tensioner
    $133.85 / each
  4. Deluxe Poly Strapping Sealer
    Deluxe Poly Strapping Sealer
    $153.35 / each
  5. Heavy-Duty Strapping Cart
    Heavy Duty Strapping Cart
    $261.45 / each

12 Items

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Poly Strapping from BASCO. Why?

Polypropylene strapping offers the following benefits:

  • Plastic strapping with excellent elongation recovery
  • Superior for light to medium duty bundling
  • Poly strapping tools like plastic strapping buckles are made of strong steel to help create even stronger holds