55 Gallon Reconditioned Drum, Steel, Open Head, Unlined

$84.35 / each
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  • Gauge: 18 Top/22 Body/18 Bottom
  • Cover: Plain - 12 gauge bolt ring with bolt, nut and gasket
  • Interior: Unlined with Rust Inhibitor
  • UN Rating: 1A2/Y1.2/100

No Cons, All Pros : A Reconditioned 55 Gallon Steel Drum with Resistance.

With a bolt ring closure and rust inhibitor interior, this black open head 55 gallon steel drum is made to safely store and transport both non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals, inks, detergents, lubricants, and more without rust formation.* This reconditioned steel drum gives you 30% savings with 100% sturdiness and storability.**

  • 55 gallon reconditioned drums constructed of best quality cold rolled steel: 18 gauge
  • Includes a plain cover with a 12 gauge bolt locking ring, bolt, nut, white EPDM gasket
  • Quality environmental containers: Can be recycled, reconditioned, or repurposed
  • A good hazardous materials container: UN Rated 1A2/Y1.2/100**

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Rust inhibitor applied to the interior of unlined steel containers is an antioxidant that helps inhibit the formation of rust during transit and storage - it does not prevent rusting. Under ideal (clean, low humidity) conditions, drums with rust inhibitor can be stored for up to 30 days without rusting. If empty drums will be stored for longer periods or in higher humidity conditions, consider a phenolic or epoxy lining.

**Reconditioned drums are not brand new so their appearance will vary. Each will have minor visible imperfections that do not affect performance, such as scratches, small dents, and variations in finish. These drums may also be downrated from their UN rating when brand new (shown as a permanent embossment on the bottom). A durable mark (shown as either a stencil or label on the drum) is the current UN rating for the reconditioned drum.

Learn more about reconditioned drums.

More Information
Capacity 55 Gallon
Color Black
Cover Steel w/ Bolt Ring
Material Steel
Gasket Buna
Interior Unlined with Rust Inhibitor
Liquid UN Rating 1A2/Y1.2/100
Type Open Head
Weight 46 lbs
Inner Diameter 22 1/2"
Outer Diameter 23"
Inner Height 34 7/16"
Outer Height 34 1/2"
Thickness 1.1/0.8/1.1
Gauge 18/22/18
Standards UN Rated