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BASCO Says March to The Beat of Your Own Drum

Drum Lineup at BASCO

Find the Rhythm to Your Rhyme…With the Right Drum for You!

Whether you’re looking for a plastic drum that will hold either your liquids or solids or a UN Rated drum that will ship your hazardous substances, BASCO can provide the barrel for your needs.

So, what exactly is your need?


Triple Threat: Assorted Colors, For Liquids & Solids, and Lightweight* 


If you want to best safely store and transport a wide variety of your chemicals, liquids, cosmetics, electronic parts, solids, hardware, and household products, then our largest drums selection, the plastic drums, is a solid pick.


  • Lightweight construction of straight-sided or tapered industrial strength high density polyethylene for superior impact resistance
  • A variety of molded-in colors that won’t fade or peel
  • Some can protect against hazardous solid materials*
  • Quality environmental containers: Chemical resistant, recyclable, reusable, and able to be repurposed

*Important Note: Some plastic drums are not UN Rated. Please check with one of our Customer Service Experts at 800-776-3786 before purchasing.

One of Our Most Popular Picks


If you have hazardous products, then these are the pick for you. With sizes ranging from 5 to 55 gallons, our wide selection of steel drums will store and transport a variety of your products with some even storing hazardous products.*

  • Constructed of first quality cold rolled steel and a rust inhibitor interior
  • Quality environmental containers: Can be recycled, reconditioned, or repurposed
  • FDA compliant

*Important Note: Some steel drums are not UN Rated or FDA/USDA compliant. Please check with one of our Customer Service Experts at 800-776-3786 before purchasing.


For Dry and Solid Foods & Products


For your dry and solid products these guys stack up…on the fiber that is.

These drums will securely store and literally stack your powders, granular, pharmaceutical, and hygienic products if desired due to their lid construction and FDA compliance.  But, those are not the only perks. Here’s more:

  • Smooth fiber interior provides thermal insulation and protects sensitive products
  • Easy-on easy-off lever lock closure on cover accepts tamper evident seals
  • Available in standard sizes from 5 gallons to 55 gallons with even the harder-to-find 16, 47, and 57 ½ gallons


FDA/For Liquids 


If you have liquid food or drugs or fragrances, then our high quality 304 stainless steel barrels are the choice for you with their FDA compliance and UN Rating.

Ranging from 4 gallons to 55 gallons, they are:

  • Corrosion-resistant, heavy, and strong
  • Quality environmental containers: Can be reused
  • Made with a welded reinforced chime (the drum’s edge or rim) and a 2B finish
  • Has a 12 gauge carbon steel bolt ring closure with bolt, nut and gasket
  • For products where purity is critical
  • Specially designed for food, drugs, and fragrances


Whichever drum-or, drums-you decide on, now you know exactly which you will get and for what reason. Once you’re ready,  head over to our Drum & Bulk Containers section.