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Heavy-Duty Swing-T Drum Mixer Blade - Propeller

$62.65 / each
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  • Fits: 55 gallon drum
  • Head: 5 3/4" Single
  • Zinc Aluminum

Mix wet or dry products with minimal air entrapment using this heavy-duty swing T-style mixer with one propeller blade. This swing blade design fits through a 55-gallon bung opening. When centrifugal force is applied, the blades will swing out to a diameter of 5 ¾ inch and then turbine-like teeth on the top and bottom produce a tornado-like mixing action within the 55 gallon drum. This drum mixer is ideal for less viscous fluids like latex, paint or ink. The head and blades are made of zinc aluminum and the shaft of plated steel, which is 36 inches long.

  • Cast aluminum mixing heads
  • Fits hand held air motor or power drill with ½ inch chuck
  • Made in the USA
More Information
RPM Aluminum
Weight 2.5 lbs
Color Silver