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How You Can Use Plastic Jugs and F-Style Bottles in Your Industry
March 13, 2023
How You Can Use Plastic Jugs and F-Style Bottles in Your Industry

How You Can Use Plastic Jugs and F-Style Bottles in Your Industry

Information for painters, manufacturers, restaurants, farmers and more!

Plastic jugs and f-style bottles are some of the most versatile and convenient containers offered by BASCO. When it comes to chemical compatibility, there's almost no better option in the realm of small packaging. These HDPE containers are designed to store almost anything under the sun, from paints, solvents, and lacquers, to soaps, detergents, and hazardous chemicals, or even food and beverage products. We've found uses for these handy bottles in just about every industry, so let us tell you about some of the most popular ones.

Plastic bottlesPlastic bottles

Plastic bottles for paints, lacquers, solvents, and more

We've done business with tons of painters in our over 75 years of operation, and most of them just use metal paint cans as their go-to storage solution. However, we've found that those metal paint cans aren't always a one-size-fits-all. Our plastic bottles have been able to solve several painters' problems, and we'll tell you all about how.

Why use a plastic bottle for paints?

Plastic jugs and f-styles offer significant advantages over traditional paint cans, although they aren't always the best option. Sometimes, a typical metal paint can is the best bet, but there are scenarios where a plastic bottle can better serve you. Our plastic jugs and f-style bottles both feature convenient carrying handles, so in the case where you need to carry your paints by hand, they may be slightly less unwieldy than a metal can. Plastic is also lightweight, to save your forearms from the strain of carrying a hefty container. Our HDPE bottles are also scratch and dent resistant, so they can withstand being dropped and jostled without sustaining damage, like a metal can may. Along with all of this, f-style cans are square shaped, allowing them to fit snugly next to one another on shelves, providing you with much more efficient storage than if you were to use round metal cans.

Let's sum it up. Our plastic bottles are great for paints, lacquers, and solvents because...

  • They're durable, dent resistant, and scratch resistant.
  • They're lightweight, offering ease of transport and cheaper shipping.
  • They're equipped with molded-in handles, which make them easy to pour from and carry.
  • F-styles are square, giving you efficient storage, while they fit next to one another on shelves.


Why use plastic bottles for food storage?

When it comes to food storage, you may be used to using 5 gallon pails and other food storage containers, instead of plastic bottles. While 5 gallon pails offer you a large container that's often a great option for food and beverage products, sometimes you need something a little different. Similar to our points about paints, our plastic jugs and f-styles are great for foods for many of the same reasons. Their convenient molded-in handles and narrow mouth openings allow you to easily pick up and pour from our jugs, while pouring from a pail is no easy feat. You may also have smaller quantities of liquid ingredients that just don't take up enough space to justify an entire pail, whereas a jug or f-style is just the right size. We've spoken with several restaurants and food manufacturers who use jugs and f-styles to store their individual ingredients, which are then combined inside of a 5 gallon bucket. Also, just like with paints, the f-styles don't take up nearly as much space on the shelves of the walk-in cooler.

What makes plastic bottles great for food storage?

  • Smaller sizes offer the perfect amount of storage for your ingredients, spices, and more
  • Molded-in handles are easy to pick up and pour
  • F-styles conveniently fit next to one another on shelves, taking up much less space in the walk in cooler or storage room

Plastic bottles for farmers: Why use plastic bottles on farms?

When it comes to farming, plastic bottles are numerous in their applications. Being that they're made entirely of HDPE plastic, our jugs and f-styles are completely rust-proof, all the while being durable. This unique advantage makes them ideal for both outdoor and indoor storage. Not only that, but their amazing chemical compatibility makes them perfect for storing anything from potable water, to animal feed, to pesticides and fertilizers. They're also great for carrying long distances by hand, while stopping to pour along the way.

Plastic bottles and f-styles are the small containers for farmers.

  • Their all-plastic composition is rust-proof
  • Excellent chemical compatibility makes them ideal for storing water, pesticides, fertilizers, and more
  • Easy-to-carry handles are perfect for walking long distances

Do you need plastic bottles and f-styles in your industry? Contact us today!

With over 75 years in the packaging game, BASCO has seen it all. Even the most niche of industries have trusted us to provide them with the packaging they need, at a price that's fair. We're here five days a week, ready to answer the phone or respond to your emails, and help you find the perfect container for the job. Contact us here if you have any questions!