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BASCO's New Dallas Warehouse - Pails, Drums, and More Stocked in Texas
March 3, 2023
BASCO's New Dallas Warehouse - Pails, Drums, and More Stocked in Texas

BASCO's New Dallas Location - Pails, Drums, and More Stocked in Texas

BASCO has been supplying the nation with containers and container accessories for over 75 years, and our latest mission has been to make that supply more convenient, more efficient, and faster to access for each and every one of our customers. Our first stocking location was in Illinois, and we've expanded outwards to Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and now Texas! 


What Does this Mean for You?

Our customers in the southern states will now be able to get their orders faster and easier, with cheaper shipping to boot. We've strategically chosen key products to stock in Dallas, allowing our southern customers better access to their favorite drums, pails, and accessories. 

Can I pick up my drums at the new Dallas warehouse?

If you've got your own means of transportation, and you don't want to wait on shipping, you can come straight to the bay doors and pick up your order yourself! You'll be able to save yourself a bit of time and money on shipping, and drop in to say "hi" to your friends at BASCO!

When can I start ordering from the Dallas location?

Right now! Our Dallas warehouse is fully operational, and ready to fulfill your orders. You can place your orders exactly as you're used to; whether you prefer calling in, ordering online, sending a PO, or sending an email. Our fulfillment team will always ship from the closest stocking location, so we can guarantee that your item will be shipped to you in the best way possible.

What kinds of items can I get from the new Dallas location?

We've talked to our southern customers, and the products that they demanded were drums, drums, and more drums! We're stocking tons of plastic drums and steel drums in Dallas, TX, along with a hefty assortment of all of the other products that you would expect to find on BASCO. Everything from pails, lids, IBCs, funnels, spouts, mixers, and more are in stock and ready to ship out of Dallas. 

Need drums & barrels in Texas? Call us up!

If you still have questions about our Dallas location, feel free to contact us today! We've got 75 years of experience in industrial containers, and we're sure that we know the answers to any of your questions. Need to know if we're stocking your favorite item in Dallas? Just ask! We're here to help.