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A Creative Use for IBC Totes: DIY Aquaponics
January 6, 2023
A Creative Use for IBC Totes: DIY Aquaponics

A Creative Use for IBC Totes: DIY Aquaponics

Being that BASCO supplies the entire nation with IBC tote containers, we’ve seen them used in just about every way imaginable. From normal uses, like water storage and dispensing, to more abstract applications, like the one we’re going to talk about today. This is possibly one of the most creative and innovative ways we’ve ever seen an IBC be utilized, turning an IBC container into a self-sufficient aquaponics system.

What is aquaponics?

Now, we’re experts on containers, not cutting-edge harvesting techniques, but we’ll do our best to explain things thoroughly. Basically, an aquaponics system attempts to recreate the conditions of a natural underwater ecosystem inside of a controlled environment. This is achieved by utilizing the waste and water from fish tanks to grow and fertilize plants. The best thing about this setup is that it allows you to harvest both fish and plants from one convenient, self-sufficient system. Aquaponics is environmentally friendly, conservative with water, and totally achievable at home (with a bit of know-how).

In an aquaponics system, the water is continuously circulated through the fish tank and the plant’s environment, creating a system that wastes the minimal amount of water, with a minimum amount of effort and maintenance needed. As long as you keep feeding your fish and harvesting your plants, a proper aquaponics system will basically maintain itself.

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Why are IBCs the best containers for aquaponics?

For a DIY aquaponics setup, you need a food-safe container that is and large enough to handle large amounts of water. These IBC totes are made of HDPE plastic, making them FDA compliant and perfectly safe for containing food products. As long as your IBC is new, and has never stored any hazardous materials or liquids, you’re good to go! IBCs can also store up to 330 gallons of liquids, so you’ll definitely be able to store all of the water that you need for your aquaponics system.

How to make a DIY aquaponics system at home, using an IBC tote

Using IBC totes for aquaponics systems is not a new revelation, people have been using things like IBC totes and plastic barrels for about as long as aquaponics have been around. BASCO can give you easy access to the IBC’s that you need to create your own DIY aquaponics setup at home.

Rob Bob’s Aquaponics & Backyard Farm on YouTube has made a comprehensive and informative video where you can learn the full process of modifying your IBC and setting up your system. Rob does it all in his backyard with some simple tools that you can get at any hardware store. Check out his video here:

We’ll keep it simple here, but you should watch Rob’s video if you want an in-depth tutorial. Then, when you’re done watching, come back to get your IBC! We’ve got them in stock and ready to be transformed into your aquaponics system.

The gist of it is that Rob disassembles and cuts up his IBC, making sure to clean out the plastic bottle thoroughly, and then creatively reassembles it in a fashion that allows water to flow throughout the system. He uses each piece of the IBC, ensuring that no plastic or steel goes to waste. With some added PVC piping, he’s left with a self-sufficient ecosystem of fish and leafy greens.

Want to build your own aquaponics setup?

First things first, you’ll need an IBC tote! Call up BASCO today, or check out our other IBC blogs, and we’ll be happy to get you set up with the containers that you need to get your aquaponics system up and running. Our expert customer-service team is totally prepared to help you pick out the perfect container for any job, even the ones that are a bit out of the norm.