Valley Craft® Versa-Lift™ Drum Positioner, Base, Electric, 71 Inch Lift

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Our Valley Craft® Versa-Lift™ is a multi-purpose drum positioner that lifts and positions drums. Drums can be lifted up to 71 inch. It has a welded steel frame with two 3 inch polyurethane front wheels and one 4-1/2 inch diameter swivel rear caster for easy moving, 44 inch turning radius. The legs are 25 1/2 inch long and 24 3/4 inch width between legs. It has 800 lb capacity.The positioner is powered by 110 VAC, single phase electric motor that tilts and lifts the drum at 17 FPM. The Versa-Lift™ is great for handling those “in between” tasks.

  • Max. Lift Ht.: 71"
  • Capacity: 800 lb
  • Lifts and positions
  • Choice of attachment sold separately

The base unit does not include a drum attachment. There are a number of attachments that are available. Attachments are easily removed and interchanged.

Please select the correct attachment for the desired function.

Drum Fork Attachment (SKU 9408) - 24 inch long forks are adaptable to handle horizontally stacked drums.

Drum Tilter Attachment (SKU 9409) - Fits 14 inch - 24 inch containers, rotates 120°, ideal for occasional one-sided drum pouring.

Drum Rotator Attachment (SKU 8562) - Fits 14 inch - 24 inch containers, handles fully loaded drum up to 800 lb, rotates 360°.

Drum Claw Attachment (SKU 8560) - Beak style grab that grasps the rim of any kind of drum.

Drum Grip Attachment (SKU 6146) - Fits 18 inch - 23 inch containers, spring and cam actuated to automatically grip. Pressure against drum forces jaws down.

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Description Positioner
Power Electric
Lift Ht. 71"
Wt. 392 lb
Dimensions x x
Pricing Unit Each