Trails of Glory

Six sleek jets rise from the runway and flow into a perfect formation with seemingly effortless precision. Suddenly, with a perfectly timed release, billows of red, white and blue smoke emerge in distinct trails to form the stripes of the American flag across the sky. The awestruck crowd gasps in amazement while Levi Chiles of Copper State Petroleum grins with pride. As an official sponsor of the Patriots Jet Team, Copper State Petroleum supplies the specially formulated Aviation Smoke Oil that makes those billowy trails such a dramatic and memorable sight.

Smoke is a big deal, so getting the best oil to produce it is really important,” Chiles explained. “Not only is it breath-taking for the crowd to see, the smoke trails help the pilots keep their bearings - especially if they are flying upside down - when they are moving into new formations. It’s a major investment for air shows. A show manager could spend as much as $15,000 or $20,000 just for smoke for just one show. It has to be formulated right, and that’s what we strive for here at Copper State Petroleum.

The Patriots aren’t the only famous team relying on Copper State Aviation Smoke Oil. Chiles proudly pointed out that many precision flight teams are his customers including the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

A longtime fan of high-performance flight teams, Chiles saw that there could be a win-win relationship between Copper State Petroleum and the Patriots Jet Team, so he pursued it. He explained, “I had always admired the Patriots Jet Team – it’s a highly skilled, civilian aerobatic formation team that performs all across the western United States. They operate as a six-jet team flying the high-performance, Czech-built Aero L-39 Albatros, and their shows are really spectacular!”

When Chiles was fortunate enough to meet Randy Howell, the owner of the Patriots Jet Team, for the first time at an international aviation show, he was positive that Copper State Petroleum could provide just what the Patriots needed and wasted no time in presenting his pitch. “We have a great formulation - our Aviation Smoke Oil is non-toxic and specially formulated to produce a brilliant white smoke trail with incredible hang time, and we want to sponsor you!” Howe agreed to test Copper State’s oil and was so impressed with the product’s quality and reliability that the Patriots are now loyal to Copper State Petroleum’s safe, highly-refined, non-flammable oil.

Sun West Container, a BASCO Company, is proud to supply the drums for Copper State Petroleum’s Aviation Smoke Oil.