Tandem Drum Truck - Moldon Rubber Wheels

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$305.20 / each

More Wheels, Less Effort.

The Tandem drum truck is a heavy duty 4 wheel drum truck, ideal for loading and unloading 28 inch to 40 inch steel or fiber drums on or off a pallet. It features a 1 inch diameter handle that straddles a husky 1 1/4 inch diameter steel tube frame for added control and leverage. 

  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Handles steel and fiber 28" to 40" tall
  • Self Stands when loading and emptying
  • Front Wheel Type: 10" x 2 1/2" Moldon Rubber
  • Rear Wheel Type: 6" x 2" Moldon Rubber
  • Replaceable chime hook slides freely the full length of the hook shaft
More Information
Wheel Type Moldon rubber
Wt. 83 lb
Pricing Unit Each