Cutters and Markers

Speciality Cutters and Markers

Whether you need a marker to identify your product or label a drum, BASCO can help. We carry a full line of markers and cutters, some call them box cutters. Do you have the right marker? Do you need to permanently mark your package or do you need the mark to be temporary? Do you need to open boxes, shrink wrap or both? BASCO will help you select the right product for your application. 

  • Scoring range is 2 1/3" - 11 3/4"
  • Overall Dim.: 12 1/2" L
  • Wt.: 2 lb.
$9.60 Each
  • Retractable Extra-Heavy-Duty Snap-off Knife
  • Durable Steel Blade Track
  • Built-in-Blade Breaker
  • Ergonomic Soft Rubber Sure Grip Handle 
$3.85 Each