Plier Clamp

Plier Clamp

Plier Clamp

$18.60 Each
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This aluminum plier clamp has a 3/4 inch grip range, stainless steel points, and 55 lb spring to ensure fast, positive metal to metal connection, even through paint and corrosion build up.

Draining or pouring liquids can build up static electricity in containers. Static sparks can cause explosion and fire. That's why OSHA requires bonding and grounding of drums, pails, and safety cans containing liquids with a flash point below 100º F.

  • Hand clamp only
  • Die cast aluminum clamp
  • Stainless steel points

Special lengths and connector configurations are available. Call our Customer Service Experts at 1.800.776.3786 for details.

Hand clamp only, aluminum with 2 stainless steel points
5 oz.