Plate Coil Heater or Cooler Carbon Steel - 5 Gallon

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$1,200.00 / each

The plate coil pail warmer is designed for use with steam, hot water, hot oil, or high temperature heat transfer liquids. The plate coil is equally adaptable for cooling by using cold water or a refrigerant. The carbon steel unit has a light coating of oil on the exterior surface to help prevent rust.

This warmer is a spring open style unit. It has one continuous plated coil panel that slips over the 5 gallon steel pail, and is secured in place with a quick acting toggle clamp. The Tranter Platecoil ® pail warmer is 18/16 gauge carbon steel with a smooth inner panel for efficient heat transfer and insulated handles for safe handling.

  • Ideal for use in hazardous areas
  • Use with steam, water, hot oil, heat transfer liquids or refrigerant*
  • Maximum recommended operating pressure: 150 psig

Note: If you need to use this unit with a 5 gallon open-head pail you must provide a manufacture spec sheet to assure proper fit.

Important Note: The more often purchased unit, DWE79051C (Basco item CP5) - Drumwarmer E5 With Hinge, is (2) plate coil sections connected by the hinges and designed to fit a 5 gallon drum. NOT RETURNABLE.

*If using refrigerant, please notify your BASCO Customer Service Expert. Plain end pipes or socket weld fittings will replace standard couplings at no extra charge.

More Information
Type Adjustable Thermostat
Temp. Range High 160
Temp. Range Low 60
Weight 15 lbs