Oil Safe® Lubrication Container 10 Quart

Oil Safe® Lubrication System Container - 10 L/Qt

Oil Safe® Lubrication Container 10 Quart

$37.00 Each
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The 10 quart oil safe container is an ideal size for large sump fill applications. Containers are interchangeable with each type of Oil Safe® lid. The opaque semi-transparent containers allow liquid levels to be monitored with markings in US metric, wide mouth opening for easy pouring, and easy to grip handle for transporting.

This high density polyethylene constructed container is for use in industrial environments; a service temperature range of -40° F.

  • Protect expensive lubricants from contamination
  • HDPE construction with anti-static agents and UV stabilizers

Safety Warning: Not for use with strong oxidizing acids, solvents or fuels.

10 liter/qt container
2.42 lb