Oil Safe® Lubrication Container 5 Quart

Oil Safe® Lubrication System Container - 5 L/Qt

Oil Safe® Lubrication Container 5 Quart

$18.95 Each
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The 5 quart oil safe container is opaque semi-transparent, allowing liquid levels to be monitored with markings in US and metric. The 5 quart container is a good all around size for standard applications. Containers are fully interchangeable with Oil Safe® lids, extra wide mouth for easy pouring, and easy to grip handle for transporting.

Heavy walled high density polyethylene construction for use in industrial environments provide a service temperature range of -40° F to 176° F.

  • Protect expensive lubricants from contamination
  • HDPE construction with anti-static agents and UV stabilizers

Safety Warning: Not for use with strong oxidizing acids, solvents or fuels.

5 liter/qt container