MORSE® Hydraulic Lift 72 Inch Pour Ht - Manual Tilt

MORSE® Hydra-Lift Karrier - Manual Tilt - Hydraulic Lift

MORSE® Hydraulic Lift 72 Inch Pour Ht - Manual Tilt

$2,115.90 Each
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This MORSE® Hydra-Lift Karrier™ has Manual Lift using a hydraulic hand pump and Manual Tilt with chain wheel and pull chain. It allows one person to easily handle a fully loaded drum, up to 800 lb or half-full drums up to 500 lb. A half full drum will be unbalanced and bottom heavy so when you tilt it, the load shifts differently than if it were a full drum.

The MORCinch™ feature is designed to automatically adjust for 22 inch to 23 1/2 inch diameter steel drums and plastic or fiber drums with available options below. The manual tilt is pull chain-wheel driven. It allows the drum to be rotated 360° either direction, holding the drum at any angle desired.

All welded steel frame rolls easily on two, 8 inch polyolefin wheels and two, 4 inch swivel casters, which are hidden under the base. It can be screwed into the plant floor if necessary. The hand operated hydraulic pump gives full lift in about 45 strokes, which lifts the drum up to 72 inches. The maximum lift height is measured from the floor to the lowest point of a horizontal 55 gallon steel drum.

Options Available include: Drum diameter adapters for handling smaller drums, Bracket assembly (SKU 4556-P) for plastic and fiber drums, or the Rim Clamp assembly (SKU 4560-P) for handling plastic drums, and the MORStop™ Tilt-Brake which automatically stops and holds the tilt angle of the drum.

  • Load, move, lift, tilt and drain full drums
  • Safe, one-person operation
  • Chain Wheel Tilt
  • Dispensing Ht.: 72"
  • Capacity: 800 lb
  • Fits 55 gallon steel drum

Spark-resistant and Stainless Steel models, and various options are available through special order. Call our Customer Service Experts at 1.800.776.3786 for details.

Reach Ht.:
Dispensing Ht.:
Chain Wheel
307 lb
Height :