Magnetic Drum Tourniquet

Magnetic Drum Tourniquet

Magnetic Drum Tourniquet

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The Magnetic Tourniquet has two super powerful magnets that hold tightly to steel drums to seal off puncture and corrosion leaks. When a leak incident occurs, the forklift operator simply pulls the stainless steel Tourniquet from its storage bag and applies it over the leak. A chemical resistant sealing pad compresses against the damaged area. The large sealing pad is thick, closed-cell foam, covered with chemical-resistant EPDM. It fills the crevices of the puncture, instantly sealing off the leak.

Overall 6 1/2 inch W x 22 1/2 inch L x 3 inch H. The sealing area measures 3 1/2 inch x 7 inch.

Every forklift truck should carry a Drum Tourniquet

  • Quickly stops leaks from punctured or ruptured drums
  • No tools needed
  • Minimize clean up cost, save valuable material
  • Non-sparking magnets hold tightly to steel drum
  • For use with steel drums
Magnetic Drum Tourniquet
7 lb