Dear BASCO Customer:

Indiana Naval Stores is now a part of BASCO, a leader for 70 years in the industrial packaging industry. I want to personally give you a brief overview of how INSCO and BASCO will work together to benefit you and your company.

Both BASCO and INSCO are family-owned businesses with mirror-image company cultures: immediate and personal attention to your needs, very high product quality, and consistently reliable service. Both companies will conduct business just as you have come to expect. 

The exact same great INSCO team you know, trust and rely on will remain in place, to serve your needs as they always have. Same phone number, 800.924.9802, even the same grand old name!  At the same time, they will be able to offer you even greater benefits than before:

Wider product selection. BASCO offers a wider range of sizes and types in many categories including drums, pails, IBCs, cans, bottles, jars, and tins, as well as thousands of additional handling and dispensing equipment products. All these are now available to you through INSCO.

Expanded service area.  BASCO’s warehouse facilities in Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; Phoenix  and Tucson, AZ; and Charlotte, NC will allow us to service your locations in the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast promptly, and in many cases at lower cost.      

The combined experience and expertise of two companies. Getting things right for our customers is part of the DNA of both BASCO and INSCO, and we will place all our expanded resources at your service. 

Thank you for your valued business as a loyal INSCO customer. We’re very excited about this acquisition, and we'll work very hard to make your experience with INSCO and BASCO even better.  Thanks for reading and letting me share this great news!



Richard Rudy, CEO



P.S. About the only change you can expect to see is that we’ve added the BASCO name to the INSCO logo. If you have any questions about BASCO or Indiana Naval Stores, or what this new combination can do for you, please call Customer Service Toll-Free at 800.924.9802. We’re here Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.