Herkules Crusher Air

Herkules Crusher - Air - SKU HCR1 - BASCO

Herkules Crusher Air

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Greatly reduce disposal costs by as much as 90% by reducing waste volume and cutting down on trash pick-ups with a can and pail crusher. Increase income by selling recyclable materials.

Crusher accepts up to seven empty metal one quart cans, four gallon cans or one 5 gallon steel pail per cycle.

Compressed air supplied to the Herkules Crusher must be between 90 and 150 PSI.

  • 7,500 lb crushing force
  • Crushes and automatically ejects containers in 20 seconds
  • Includes stand, regulator, filter, and lubricator.

Structural steel stand supports crusher over a 55 gallon drum (drum sold separately) that collects crushed containers that automatically eject from the crusher after each cycle.


350 lb
91" H x 33" W x 29" Depth