Jun 1, 2018
by Diana V

Did You Know?

Approximately 70% of all storm drains reportedly lead directly to open waterways, not allowing for any proper and necessary treatment of the water?

That is why choosing and stocking the right drain guards and dewatering bags is extremely important for proper stormwater management. If not, you’re subjecting yourself to many ecological and financial burdens.  

Here’s another question for you. Did you also know that BASCO carries these stormwater management items at a reasonable cost to help protect your environment from stormwater pollution, debris, and oil spills?

Now, you probably already do know about Tropical Storm Alberto that swept through Florida on Tuesday, May 29, a day after Memorial Day, and the wreckage it caused. That’s why Stormwater Management Regulations are a key component of the EPA Clean Water Act and are enforced within the industrial, municipalities, and construction sectors. Therefore, it is important to have the best stormwater gear and items at your disposal.

Here at BASCO, they are at your disposal. You can find everything from debris-catching drain guards for industrial facilities, construction sites, and parking lots to oil and sediment-filtering dewatering bags. We have over 120 stormwater management items in our inventory that suit one’s debris and spill needs.

Handling your stormwater management tasks solo?

Ultra Grate Lifter:

A safe and easy way for one person to remove heavy grates and drain covers

  • Gives you the right amount of leverage and control to lift even the most stubborn covers like sewer grate covers, storm drain covers, and manhole covers
  • 400 lb lifting capacity
  • Available with a convenient carrying case

And there’s more:

Ultra Grate Hook:

Lift storm drain grates safely

  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • Fits all grates
  • Protects hands from injury 

Ultra DrainGuard:

Available in five versions: plain, plain with curb inlets, plus, plus with curb inlets, and for trash and debris

  • Plain: Collects up to .87 gallons of oil and remove waste, sediment, and other pollutants from storm water before it can become a major concern in the water system
  • Ultra DrainGuard Plus: Collects up to 1.38 gallons of oil
  • Ultra DrainGuard for trash and debris: Keeps trash, debris, and other pollutants from entering the water system
  • Plain and Ultra DrainGuard Plus with special X-Tex strips: Absorb up to 50% more oil than the standard oil and sediment models & also keep debris from entering curb inlets and catch basins

Ultra Passive Skimmer:

Floats on the water surface and continuously absorbs oil without leaching or clogging

  • Each one holds up to 2 gallons of oil
  • Each one fits most catch basins, sumps, vaults, and holding tanks
  • Available in 2 and 5 pack

Dewatering Bags:

Filter both oil and sediment from heavy pumping out flows from rainfall or storm water

  • Accommodates up to a 4” discharge hose
  • Available in reusable variety






Replacement Reusable Dewatering Bags:

Quickly and easily install to the galvanized steel locking rods

  • Large easy access opening for removal of trapped oil, sediment, or dirt